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This rendering shows the nearly-complete Bus Pirate v3 PCB. Our initial preview of the new hardware generated some really good comments.

  • We decided to swap the PGC and PGD pins of the ICSP header as suggested by numerous readers. The pins will now align with a PICKIT2 programmer.
  • The power traces and vias have been expanded to handle the maximum possible loads.
  • SSOP PIC, eliminated a few parts, centered USB jack, rotated CD4066 IC to accommodate a shrouded or right angle pin header.
  • The PGC/PGD swap means this hardware will require a new bootloader and firmware. For this reason we’re going to increment the hardware to v3 instead of v2.5.
  • Added power-on self-test to firmware for hardware v3. Future hardware will probably require a jumper between PGD and ground for normal operation.
  • We decided against mounting holes. We couldn’t locate a standard separation for the hole pattern, so the holes would only fit one specific case.
  • Removed alternate resistor placement pads from bottom of PCB. Back LEDs now use the same resistors as the front side LEDs.