The original web server on a business card Ian posted at Hack a Day was a homemade single-sided PCB with a few jumper wires. A version 2 was designed on a professional PCB, which opened up a lot of possibilities for new features. We added a 128×128 color Nokia knock-off LCD to make a network-connected photo frame.

The blue wire on the left connects some power pins we forgot to route. The unrouted wire was directly over the connecting wire, which made Eagle Cad’s unrouted indicator invisible. Now we use the zoom-unrouted.ulp script to check for unrouted wires before submitting Gerbers to the board house.

This design remains unpublished because the parts are hard to find. SparkFun stopped carrying the microSD card holder, and a new batch of LCDs didn’t work the same as the old models. The giant DPack 3.3volt regulator (LD117) next to the power jack at the back of the board was also a really expensive, somewhat rare part. We have one extra PCB that we’ll give away on a future free PCB Sunday.