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This picture from our workbench shows the new Bus Pirate v3 (left) and the Bus Pirate v2go (right). The Bus Pirate V3 PCB arrived yesterday. We stuffed it last night, and it passed the self-test without incident.

V3 makes several improvements over the v2go design:

  • Uses more common SSOP size PIC 24FJ64GA002 microcontroller.
  • Bigger power supply traces and vias, better ground plane.
  • Optimized component placement.
  • Slightly smaller than v2go.
  • Corrected programming header to work with PICKIT.
  • USB LED aligned with other indicator LEDs.
  • Removed unnecessary resistor R18.
  • Centered USB connector.
  • Rotated IC3 for better clearance around I/O header.
  • Swapped +3.3V and ADC on I/O header for better pinout.
  • Colored PCB makes it easier to see the circuit.

There’s another detailed close-up picture after the break.