That’s assuming you do. We’ve noticed a general malaise towards the Arduino and/or Arduino projects in comments at tech blogs. Arduino is to Hack a Day as Knex guns are to Instructables.

What’s the deal? Too many newbies with blinken LEDs? $30 is too much for an AVR with a bootloader? Is it the platform or the projects?

We all know the arguments for the Arduino: it’s an easy and open prototyping platform with free tools and great community support. But why do so many geeks detest the Arduino? Why the hate?

We’ll send a free Bus Pirate v3 PCB to the commenter with the best rant for- or against- the Arduino.

Speaking personally, we don’t hate the Arduino.  We don’t use it, but that’s because it’s way to expensive for our tastes, and custom hardware is our shtick. We enjoy designing a custom hardware solution for a given problem, and Arduino abstracts that into a software exercise.

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