**UPDATE** The #twatch will start shipping around October 10, 2009. The preorder is over, but there’s a few extra #twatches in the Seeed store for $45, including worldwide shipping. Get them while they last because we won’t make more soon. If you missed the #twatch, sign up here to be notified of any future #twatch preorders.

Seeed Studio is hosting a group purchase of the #twatch ethernet LCD backpack, you might remember them from Hack a Day’s Bus Pirate preorder.

You can order the #twatch hardware for $30, or get a #twatch with an LCD screen for $45, including worldwide shipping. If Seeed runs out, signup here to be notified when more are available (should be within a few hours). Orders end September 23th, 2009. Seeed has already stocked the PIC chips, so orders should ship quickly (within 15 business days of the preorder ending).

Thank you for your support!