There was a major bug in the speed setting code for all libraries. At some point the speed variable was reduced to a single bit, so only the first two speed settings in any library worked correctly. This had an especially noticeable impact on the UART library.

Since this is a major issue, we’ve made a v2.3 preview release for all hardware. This is a recommended upgrade for anyone with speed setting problems. V2.3 will be released soon.

Other major changes in v2.3 include a transparent UART bridge for a simple serial->USB mode. There’s two new raw IO modes for bitbanging and SPI. The bitbang mode uses a simple 8bit/byte protocol to control the Bus Pirate pins and functions directly from a PC program. The SPI mode provides a fast, raw SPI connection for integrating the Bus Pirate with AVR ISP programming software. These features will be documented in posts over the next few days.