The Bus Pirate hardware v3 preorder has been a huge success. Thank you for your support!

The BPv3 rollout has been pretty low-key. We haven’t posted the Instructables version, and the new design hasn’t been linked by any blogs. Only readers and forum members know about the new hardware, but we’ve almost run out of chips anyway.

Changing to the SSOP-sized PIC helped alleviate some supply problems, but we’re still reaching the end of 24FJ64GA002-i/ss chips available for immediate local delivery in Shenzhen.

There’s about 50 Bus Pirate v3 left in the current preorder, after that we’ll move onto a second preorder with a later delivery date. The delay shouldn’t be as bad as the Hack a Day preorder, but unfortunately it seems unavoidable with popular items.

Thank you for supporting this open source project.