Bus Pirate firmware v2.3 is available for download. This version fixes a major bug with the speed settings in all modes, but especially in the UART library.

There’s also two new binary IO modes for controlling the Bus Pirate from a PC, which should allow a number of complicated programmer functions that couldn’t fit in the firmware. The first new mode is a raw bitbang IO mode, similar to the bitbang mode of an FTDI232 chip. The second mode is a raw SPI mode written for high-speed communications with AVRDude.

On a side note, our reticence to include programmer functions in the Bus Pirate was wrong. We had always thought about it as uploading a .HEX to the Bus Pirate, and the Bus Pirate knowing how to program the .HEX into a chip. This would take a ton of code space and be difficult to maintain.

Michal’s patch for AVRDude presented a much better alternative: control the Bus Pirate’s pins from existing PC software. The Bus Pirate just twiddles pins, software handles the programming algorithms. This also makes it easier for PC software developers to use their Bus Pirate in new ways. We hope to soon have Bus Pirate support in AVR and JTAG programming software.