There have been several problems reported with the recent Bus Pirate v2.3 firmware release. We believe it’s a problem with some terminals sending NULL characters (0x00) to the Bus Pirate, which causes it to enter the new binary IO mode.

This 2.4-nightly for v2go tries to fix that problem by looking for 20 NULL characters before entering binary IO mode. Other than this change, it’s exactly the same as the v2.2 firmware. Hopefully this will help us get a handle on the extent of the problem.

Some tips:

  • You must erase the chip before programming new firmware. Press the green ‘X’ button on the Windows updater before pressing the write device button.
  • Check your verify errors to make sure none are outside the range of 0x400 and 0xc00.
  • See the Windows and Python update guides for the complete firmware upgrade procedure.