The Bus Pirate v3 preorder has been a great success. Seeed moved to a second preorder because we, once again, exhausted the supply of critical chips available for the Bus Pirate. So much for advanced planning!

If you got in on preorder 1, your Bus Pirate is being manufactured at this very moment. It should ship soon with the latest v2.4 firmware and bootloader installed. If you’re participating in preorder 2, we’re trying to reduce the wait time as much as possible; we’ll gauge interest early next week and order chips ASAP.

You can still preorder an assembled Bus Pirate v3 with a red PCB for $30 at Seeed Studio, including worldwide shipping.

Look for new Bus Pirate demos and tutorials all next week. We’ll also give away some Bus Pirate goodies we have around the lab. Thank you for your support!

On a side note, it looks like this will probably be a pattern for popular preorder projects. Depending on the chips involved, there will always be a certain quantity that can be made from local stock parts. After local stock is gone, Seeed has to order more chips from big suppliers like DigiKey. Depending on stock levels, DigiKey then orders from the manufacturer, who pretty much produces chips on demand.

We’ll do our best to tweak the process and develop with widely available parts whenever possible. Thanks for bearing with us through the initial preorders.