The next Bus Pirate firmware release merges MIDI into the UART library. MIDI is just a specific serial protocol over a UART at 31250bps, 8/N/1. The latest nightly build adds option “10) 31250 (MIDI)” to the UART speed options. This also applies all the recent UART mode fixes to MIDI without duplicating code.

If you’ve used or plan to use MIDI on the Bus Pirate, we’d like to hear from you below the fold. As far as we know, MIDI mode has never been used.

There’s two reasons MIDI had its own library. The first is a historical artifact of the old user prompt that didn’t accept input longer than 1 number. There were already 9 UART speed options (1-9), so we couldn’t add a 10th. The better reason is that we wanted a clean workspace to integrate MIDI-centric macros and functions, but it’s never been used so it’s just wasting program space.