Bus Pirate firmware v2.8 is now available for download. This release has some new features and lots of bug fixes. Update instructions here (Python updates).

This is the first release that includes all five binary modes. They’re completely implemented and mostly tested. We also spent a lot of time reviewing and testing the UART library, this release should have the best-working UART mode yet.

Please report your experience in the comments. Any bug fixes will be released as v2.9, otherwise the next version will probably be v3.0. Partial change log after the break.


  • Complete suit of binary modes (1-Wire, I2C, UART, SPI, bitbang)
  • Reworked user UART mode
  • Integrated MIDI into UART library
  • Migrated to a central command data structure
  • Removed XON command from start-up (no longer used)
  • Reordered information printout (command i) to be more logical
  • Reorganized binary mode functions into protocol libraries
  • Added binary self-test modes (long and short)

We’re only compiling translations for the ‘popular’ platforms (v1a, v2go). If you want a Spanish or Italian language firmware for v0a, v2a, or v3, just request it in the comments.