We’re trying to get a handle on which hardware and localizations are actually used. What Bus Pirate hardware do you use?

There are at least seven version of the Bus Pirate hardware, the open source project currently supports 6 of them. The most common by far is the v2go, with nearly 1000 units in circulation. Fundamental Logic’s through-hole kit based on v1a is probably the next most prevalent. There’s also a lot of v2a circuit boards floating around, if you’ve built a v2a please tell us in the comments.

We’ve also been compiling Spanish and Italian versions for the platforms used by the translators (v1a, v2go). If you use a localized firmware we’d like to hear from you.

We may drop regular firmware updates for v0a and v2a if nobody uses them.

The lower left hand image depicts the Fundamental logic through-hole kit for reference, used without permission.