We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few professionally-made PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype.

This week we’re giving away PCBs for our ethernet LCD backpack, the #twatch, PCBs by Seeed Studio. We’re giving away 1 PCB for the PIC 18F67J65-based #twatch v2. We’re also giving away 1 PCB for the 24FJ64GA002-based v1a #twatch development board. Be sure to specify v1a or v2.

Assembled red #twatches are available immediately for $45, including LCD and worldwide shipping, at Seeed Studio. Seeed also has #twatch v2 PCBs for $6, and the compatible ethernet jack for $1.90.

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure to use a real e-mail in the address field so we can contact you for shipping info.
  • First come, first serve. Sometimes we have extra PCBs or we can’t contact a commenter. When this happens, we move to the next commenter.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.

We try to stagger the free PCB Sunday posts so every time zone has a chance to participate, but the best way to see the post first is to use the RSS feed.