Bus Pirate v3 preorder 1 is starting to be delivered worldwide. There’s a discussion in this thread of the forum.

Learn about connecting the Bus Pirate for the first time in the Bus Pirate 101 tutorial. BPv3 shipped with a special firmware (v2.4-Seeed) that includes a manufacturer’s self-test mode. It’s a good idea to upgrade to the latest firmware (Windows, OSX, Python). You might want to run a self-test to verify the hardware.

The Bus Pirate manual has lots of links to get you started. Familiarize yourself with the IO pins, menu options, and syntax, then take a look at the the chip demonstrations. There’s also additional help in the forum.

There’s still time to get a Bus Pirate v3 for $30 including worldwide shipping.

Thanks to pandriod for a picture of the BPv3 hardware with a red PCB.