Uwe sent some photos of an XMOS development board from SparkFun. We had never heard of XMOS, but Uwe explains:

The XMOS concept can be seen in direct competition with FPGAs – simple logic design in software (C/C++) using very complex standard logic cells (XCORE) while FPGAs use far simpler standard logic cells that require a far complex development approach (VHDL/Verilog).

To me the XMOS approach is very appealing for various reasons, one being that XMOS makes their IP (core code) freely available (open source) while the FPGA manufacturers attempt to make a lot of money with their IP, so they let you test their IP for free (with stringent restrictions and limitations in many cases because they don’t want you to use the IP on their competitors products).

Open tools and C programmer friendly, looks like an interesting platform.