Bus Pirate v3 preorder 2 is almost sold out. Bus Pirate v3 preorder 3 is now online. Seeed Studio made some additional Bus Pirates, but they won’t ship until next week when the current backlog is cleared. Seeed should list them ASAP. If you want one and they’re sold out, please check back in a few hours, or leave a comment on this thread and we’ll notify you when the new batch is listed.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project through comments, bug reports, code, and making a purchase. Your support has been overwhelming! You enable further Bus Pirate development, like the logic analyzer mode, AVR programmer firmware, and the upcoming PIC programmer. You also support the bounties that go to a fantastic group of independent contributors who add so much to the project.

Thank you to everyone who’s been involved in this project in any way!

Beautiful picture of the Bus Pirate v3 by Uwe.