A discussion in the forum led to the creation of a new chip demonstration/test PCB for the Bus Pirate. This board has spaces for several commonly-sampled I2C and 1-Wire devices, and an HD44780 LCD tester:


  • 24LC EEPROM (PTH and SMD)
  • TC74 temperature sensor (PTH)
  • DS1085(L)/DS1077(L) frequency generator (SMD)
  • PCF8563/DS1307 real-time clock (PTH)
  • MCP3021 analog to digital converter (SMD)
  • MCP4725 digital to analog converter (SMD)
  • PCF8574 I/O expander, compatible with Bus Pirate HD44780 LCD tester (PTH)


  • DS2431 EEPROM (PTH)
  • DS1822 temperature sensor (PTH)
  • DS2450 analog to digital converter (SMD)
  • Extra footprints for TO-92 1-wire devices

HD44780 LCDs

  • The PCF8574 is routed to an LCD connector that’s compatible with the Bus Pirate’s LCD library.

Our plan is to make a few the next time we order PCBs, and give them away. We can probably squeeze a few more chips onto the board if you have any requests. Are there any other chips you’d like to see on this board, either from our existing demos or maybe a new device?