Version 3.1 of the Bus Pirate firmware is now on the project Google Code page. This release includes a few bug fixes, and updates to the Spanish and Italian translations. The biggest bug fix corrects a problem with frozen hardware when using the live UART monitor.

The main Bus Pirate firmware now occupies almost all the space in the PIC24FJ64GA002. Future development will need to be accompanied by diligent code cleanup, or more optional firmwares like the AVR STK500v2 programmer clone. A major first step would be to improve the terminal messaging system.

Bus Pirate v3 is now available for immediate delivery from Seeed Studio for $30, including worldwide shipping. Each Bus Pirate purchased at Seeed Studio directly supports the development of this open source project. Seeed also has probe cables ($4.90) and a case ($2.50) for the Bus Pirate.