We’ve been working on an open source logic analyzer prototype with Jack Gassett of the Gadget Factory. Gerbers will go to the board house before the end of this week.

Until now we’ve called this project by the codename ‘SUMP PUMP’, because it’s a data pump for the open source SUMP logic analyzer client. This name is far to clever though, because SUMP infringes on the name of the original project, and it won’t index well in search engines.

We’d like to hear your suggestions for a name for this project. If we choose your name, we’ll send you the final hardware for free. Post your suggestions here, or in the forum.

Some conditions:

  • There’s no limit to the number of suggestions you can make, and you can continue to make suggestions until we announce our choice.
  • If we choose your name suggestion we’ll send you the final hardware for free.
  • To make this legit, we’ll ask you to sign away any rights to the name in exchange for the free hardware.