Here’s a new project we’d like to develop openly, like the recent logic analyzer board . This rough sketch shows a 48 channel LED controller with an ethernet interface. Our primary goals are:

  • 48 channels of 10bit PWM LED control
  • Ethernet interface
  • Up to 120mA of LEDs per channel

The networked LED controller would use the 24FJ64GA002-SO as the main microcontroller, and an ENC28J60 for the network connection. A 25AA02E48 EEPROM would hold settings and a unique MAC address so multiple boards can share the same network.

The LEDs would be driven by three TI TLC5940s, each with 16 channels of 10bit PWM. The current of the LEDs is set with a single resistor, ideally this would be done with a digital pot for easy network configuration. This chip is cascadable, so an expansion header would make it possible to stack extra TLC5940s on top of the base.

The overview continues below. We’re eager to hear your suggestions here, or in the forum.
This design will have a bootloader, but it will be brought to a serial header only. We’ll ask seeed to find a cheap USB->serial cable and make the header compatible with that.

Like the #twatch, we’d like to give the board a ‘default’ demo mode, probably an implementation of the internet-driven ‘daft punk table’.

Any thoughts, suggestions? There’s also a forum for this design.