A Bus Pirate v2go/v3 port of the OpenOCD JTAG debugger source code from USBPROG is complete. You can download the source and latest compile from the OpenOCD folder in the project SVN.

Firmware is only half of the equation though, OpenOCD doesn’t yet support the USBPROG protocol over a (virtual) serial port like the Bus Pirate uses. There are about 8 instances of USB read and writes in the USBPROG OpenOCD patch than need to be changed to use a serial port, plus some serial port initialization functions. Any help and feedback is always appreciated, feel free to use the Bus Pirate OpenOCD support forum.

A few days ago we outlined some goals for adding OpenOCD support, here’s our current progress:

  • Port the USBPROG OpenOCD firmware to the Bus Pirate. Modify the code to work through the PIC serial port. Testing!
  • Add a Bus Pirate device to OpenOCD based on the existing USBPROG source code. Modify the code to write and read through a serial port.
  • Add message header, checksum to the existing USBPROG protocol.