Airmail packages from Seeed Studio have been extremely slow lately. We’re currently waiting on circuit boards and other goodies to arrive from Seeed Studio. Our order left Seeed promptly, but delivery is taking weeks. Lots of other people have experienced long shipping times too. We sent Seeed a list of questions to get a handle on the situation. The bottom line: Seeed expects delivery times to return to normal starting now.

Dangerous Prototypes: When we started ordering from Seeed, airmail shipped on Monday arrived in the US and EU on Thursday or Friday. Now it takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Did you notice a similar increase in time to all destinations?

Seeed: We had problems throughout last month, Christmas rush hour, vacation, bad weather… Some parcels are having ridiculous long shipping time. Thanks for sending us these questions, we sincerely appreciate the chance to explain. Good news is the shipping time is getting back to normal now.

DP: Is this a seasonal delay? If so, when might we expect faster delivery again?

Seeed: It’s not normal, the major reason for delaying is Hong Kong post faced an extreme overloading for holiday posts. All parcels have to queue to get processed, sorted, and finally board for destination. For about one week, all posts except USA and EU are even suspended just to save the majority delaying. Ebay sent several notices to its China sellers for this issue and suggested solutions, many of them just closed up to avoid reputation damage. We tried to contact our logistic company for this issue, but in vain. Additionally, vacations and bad weather in destination country aggravates the delay.

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DP: Lots of people notice an additional delay of up to 2 weeks from the time a package is marked shipped to the time it can be tracked. Can you reduce the delay between leaving Shenzhen and arriving in Hong Kong? Can you tell us little about this?

Seeed: We are also upgrading our order handling procedures to reduce process time (from order “shipped” status change to track number traceable). You may also notice the difference in shipping labels shortly.

DP: Are there shipping options besides Hong Kong Post and DHL? Are you considering any?

Seeed: Since Hong Kong post service focus more on cost saving, please choose DHL or suggest other courier if you need timely shipment. We are so sorry for keep you waiting!