Bus: HD44780 LCD test library.
Connections: two pins (SDA/SCL) and ground.
Output type: open drain/open collector (pull-up resistors required).
Pull-up resistors: always required (2K – 10K).
Maximum voltage: 5.5volts (5volt safe).
Adapter: PCF8574 I2C expander IC, (see our adapter board).

Syntax Description
A/a/@ Toggle auxiliary pin. Capital “A” sets AUX high, small “a” sets to ground. @ sets aux to input (high impedance mode) and reads the pin value.
D/d Measure voltage on the ADC pin (v1+ hardware only).
W/w Capital ‘W’ enables the on-board power supplies. Small ‘w’ disables them. (v1+ hardware only).
{ or [ RS low. Next read/write is a COMMAND.
] or } RS high. Next read/write is TEXT/DATA.
R or r Read one byte (r:1…255 for bulk reads).
0b Write this binary value. Format is 0b00000000 for a byte, but partial bytes are also fine: 0b1001.
0h/0x Write this HEX value. Format is 0h01 or 0×01. Partial bytes are fine: 0xA. A-F can be lower-case or capital letters.
0-255 Write this decimal value. Any number not preceded by 0x, 0h, or 0b is interpreted as a decimal value.
, Value delimiter. Use a coma or space to separate numbers. Any combination is fine, no delimiter is required between non-number values: {0xa6,0, 0 16 5 0b111 0haF}.
& Delay 1uS. (&:1…255 for multiple delays)
(#) Run macro, (0) for macro list
Macro Description
0 Macro menu
1 LCD reset.
2 Init LCD.
3 Clear LCD.
4 Cursor position ex:(4:0).
5 Write test text. (deprecated)
6 Write :number test numbers ex:(6:80).
7 Write :number test characters ex:(7:80).
8 Insert text at cursor.