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honken make a Bus Pirate case from a mint tin:

I used a mints tin can, very similar i size to the ubiquitous Altoids variant. I’ve got a v2go and it’s fastened with some adhesive tack, so it’s removable. I could also fit one of those mini breadboard … as well as some jumper cables.

We use adhesive tack for everything. Get an SVG of the case sticker.

Get an assembled Bus Pirate v3 for $30, including worldwide shipping.


W1N9Zr0 posted this full-featured Bus Pirate case in the forum:

Here is my take on a Bus Pirate case. It’s made of a PS2 game case and integrates two breadboards, the bus pirate and an A23 12v battery for PIC programming.

Flickr photoset. Be sure to check out the forum thread if you’re interested in PIC programming with the Bus Pirate, W1N9Zr0 has successfully programmed a few PICs with custom software that uses the raw2wire binmode.