We’re open source hardware and software enthusiasts who like to make stuff. We don’t have our own pick and place machine, and we don’t assemble kits, but you can get a copy of our projects at Seeed Studio. When you buy a copy of our project at Seeed, they kick a few bucks back to us so we can make more open source stuff.

We’re proud to work with  Seeed to make our open source projects available to everyone. When there are cheap rapid prototyping machines you’ll be able to print our projects at home, until then, there’s Seeed Studio. Seeed has inexpensive worldwide shipping starting from $2.85, most of our projects include shipping in the cost.

Openbench Logic Sniffer is an open source logic analyzer. It’s designed to support the SUMP logic analyzer software at the lowest possible cost. Download the source and design files from the Gadget Factory project page. You can get your own assembled Open Logic Sniffer at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping.

This infrared hacking tool can visualize infrared signals on a Java logic analyzer, record and replay infrared signals, and decode them. USB infrared remote control receiver transmitter is a mouthful, so we just call it the USB IR Toy. You can get an assembled USB IR Toy for $20, including worldwide shipping.

For every hardware hacker, there’s the Bus Pirate. Figure out a new chip without writing code, program AVR microcontrollers, and more. Forget elegant abstraction, learn about electronic interfaces at a very low level. The next batch will be ready to ship the first week of December. $30, including worldwide shipping. Bus Pirate probe cable kit ($4.50).

The Dangerous Prototypes web platform is a tiny server designed for networked hacks where a full PC is inconvenient. This business card size internet appliance can connect to web services, control physical objects from a browser interface, or email sensor status reports; no PC intermediary required! The Web Platform is available assembled for $40, including worldwide shipping.

The #twatch is the Twitter addict’s best friend. This stand-alone network appliance shows a continuously updated stream of Twitter topics and tweets. It also displays PC stats from programs like LCD Smartie. Currently in stock at Seeed Studio for $45 with an LCD, $30 without, including worldwide shipping. #twatch acrylic frame ($2.50).

The hackable holiday ornament kit is for adventurous solderers who want to practice with surface mount components. Seeed only made a few of these, get one while they last. Kits are $12 (sold out), and Seeed will assemble yours for $3 more (assembled card, $15).