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W1N9Zr0 posted this full-featured Bus Pirate case in the forum:

Here is my take on a Bus Pirate case. It’s made of a PS2 game case and integrates two breadboards, the bus pirate and an A23 12v battery for PIC programming.

Flickr photoset. Be sure to check out the forum thread if you’re interested in PIC programming with the Bus Pirate, W1N9Zr0 has successfully programmed a few PICs with custom software that uses the raw2wire binmode.


Keep your Bus Pirate pins straight with this case sticker[PDF!] designed by ecronin:

I made up a sticker for the combo of the seeed case and breakout harness, thought others might find it useful… Unlike in the above picture, I connect the cable with Black to GND, which puts the two EZHook-like hooks on MISO/MOSI. Thought others might find it handy. It also includes the LED names and a gratuitous barcode since the project lacks a real logo.

Thanks for the link!

Gatsu made a unique DIY Bus Pirate case for a v2go:

Here is something I cooked up a while as a case for my BP v2.go.  Its a DV tape case.  The inside is  46mm x 68mm so it would fit a v3 as well.

The board is fixed to the bottom with a double layer of double sided tape.  The cut outs were just done with a scalpel as the material is quite soft.

Thanks for the tip! Via the forum.

Lots of us have been waiting for an update on Ril3y’s laser cut Bus Pirate case. Synthetos Laboratories (Ril3y’s store) now lists them in clear ($12.99), translucent red, and translucent black (both $14.99). Up to three cases can be shipped within the US for $5.95, international shipping is $13.95.

Good luck with this project Ril3y, we’re hug fans of this case. We’ll post more pictures and updates as soon as we get our hands on one.

Maff^ posted some pictures of a Bus Pirate case made from a Dallas/Maxim sample box in the forum. Lots of people have a few of these little boxes, this is a great way to recycle one.

I decided to create my own housing. I had a small transparent box laying around where the BPv3 fitted in perfectly. It’s a box from Dallas Semiconductors / Maxim that contained some DS1820 samples I ordered a couple of years back. Using a Dremel (clone) I created notches for the USB connector and the pin header. A couple of days later I also added some ‘light pipes’ because those red LEDs are pretty bright, maybe even a little to bright :). I also tried out the STK500 firmware and successfully programmed an AtTiny2313.

Thanks for the tip!

Ril3y made a fantastic laser etched Plexiglas case for his Bus Pirate v3 with a command cheat-sheet etched onto the bottom. There’s more pictures of this awesome case in his Flickr photo stream.

Bus Pirate preorder 2 should ship this week. There’s still a few (<30) extra preorder 2 Bus Pirates at Seeed Studio, get one while you can.

Via the Bus Pirate forum.


El_Rata sent pictures of his Bus Pirate case made from a Maxim chip sample box.

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Eric at Seeed Studio sent a sample case that fits the Bus Pirate v3 PCB, we wanted to share it with you right away. We imagine they can have holes put in it for the USB & IO headers, and the LEDs.

What do you think? Is this a good accessory for the Bus Pirate?

You can get BPv3 at Seeed Studio for $30, including worldwide shipping.