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0x0064  REM basictest
0x006E  LET A=C+16
0x0078  FOR B=1 TO 5
0x007D  FOR D=0 TO 2
0x0082  PRINT "A=";A;" B=";B;" D=";D
0x0087  NEXT D
0x008C  NEXT B
0x00C8  INPUT "Enter C",C
0x00D2  GOSUB 1000
0x00DC  IF C=20 THEN  PRINT "C=20!!"; ELSE  PRINT "C!=20";
0x00E6  END
0x03E8  PRINT "C=";C
0x03F2  RETURN

Sjaak demonstrated a basic scripting language that could be integrated into the Bus Pirate terminal. Take a look and tell us what you think.


Sjaak has been hard at work on a new terminal interface for the Bus Pirate. There are exciting new features like:

  • A command history (h menu)
  • Multiple command sequences can be processed at once
  • ASCII character values are sent to the bus when entered between quotes (“text”)
  • Mode changes now include an exit option
  • Massively improved code structure, more unified, less space used

This is a massive update to the firmware, and it probably won’t be incorporated until after the next few releases, but this is your chance to try it out now. You can test the latest nightly compile, but remember that this is only a preview, some modes are not ported to the new framework. This firmware requires that you’ve upgraded to the v4+ bootloader.

Read more about the new firmware, see a demo of new features, and help with development, in the forum.