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Markus Gritsch writes:

python-on-a-chip (p14p for short) recently got a branch to support PIC24 and dsPIC crontrollers. I got it to compile and the simulator in MPLAB shows it functioning. I mentioned the Web Platform in their mailing list and maybe both projects can share some synergy effects.

It would be nice to use Python on the Web Platform to talk to the peripherals. Bus-Pirate-feeling for the Web Platform.

Thanks for the tip, this sounds like a fun project.



twonk submitted an awesome Python script that pushes your personal Twitter timeline to the #twatch.

We’ve added a new folder with a few user-contributed scripts for the #twatch in Python, Perl, etc. If you come up with a script for the #twatch, please share it in the #twatch forum.


It looks like the #twatch is starting to arrive worldwide. WA5ZNU received a #twatch and wrote a Python script to control the backlight. You can use this thread to discuss your #twatch unboxing experience.

There’s still a few #twatches at Seeed Studio for immediate delivery, $45 including LCD and worldwide shipping.

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Ninja Bong wrote a detailed Bus Pirate firmware update guide for OSX users. The guide covers Fundamental Logic’s v1a kit and v2go, but it should also apply to any other Bus Pirate hardware. You may also find the Python update tutorial handy.


Please join us in welcoming audiohacked to the Bus Pirate project. audiohacked wrote the excellent Python wrapper for the new Bus Pirate binary modes, and now he’ll be updating a copy in the project SVN too. pyBusPirate makes Bus Pirate scripting easy for Python developers, and it’s the most complete binmode reference implementation available.


Audiohacked developed pyBusPirateLite, a Python interface to the new Bus Pirate binmode. It includes libraries that manage each mode (bitbang, SPI, I2C), and an example SPI EEPROM reader built on the libraries. Download a copy from our example scripts folder, or get the latest code at Audiohacked’s git repository. You’ll also need pySerial if you don’t have it.

Don’t forget that we want your scripts too! We’re giving away two Bus Pirate probe kits to binmode script authors. Here’s all the binmode documentation so far.

Thanks for the tip!


audiohacked has started a python library for the Bus Pirate. So far, it’s been tested as an EEPROM dumper:

I have started writing a python library for the bus pirate. It’s ugly and messy, but I was able to use it to dump the firmware from an SPI chip… You can contact me if you need more information.

The source code is available here.


Bus Pirate firmware updates can be done from Linux or OSX using the Python PIC24F programmer developed by broeggle and JoseJX. The programmer works on all operating systems that support Python and pySerial: Linux, OSX, and Windows, too. Thanks for a great script!

Our step-by-step guide to the Python PIC24F programmer continues after the break.

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